Linghentian Doctorials 2019

Next week, on 18 and 19 December, the third edition of the LinGhentian Doctorials will take place. This conference, organized by PhD students from the departments of Linguistics and Translation, Interpreting and Communication, aims to offer a low-treshold platform to both beginning and advanced PhD students at Ghent University for presenting their research and for getting to know other PhD students conducting research on a wide range of linguistic topics. To get a sneak peek at just how broad of a range of fields these students will cover, check out, or see the program and book of abstracts:

Our call for papers was an astounding success, to the extent that we can offer a full two-day program with no less than 20 presentations, divided over 6 thematic sessions:

  • Session 1: Language and Society (18/12)
  • Session 2: Semantics and Pragmatics (18/12)
  • Session 3: Delving into the Past (18/12)
  • Session 4: Exploring Culture and Discourse (19/12)
  • Session 5: The Very Productive Session (19/12)
  • Session 6: Bringing Various Languages to the Table (19/12)

Apart from these sessions, we also have a few extra activities lined up – on Wednesday evening, Greet De Baets (MULTIPLES / Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication) will offer an interactive aikido session to illustrate her research, which focuses on the potential of this Japanese martial art as a means to improve intercultural encounters and communication. On Thursday, we finish the conference on a high note with a panel discussion on the (undoubtedly thrilling) future of language and linguistics.

Although the conference is primarily intended to reach out to fellow PhD students, it goes without saying that other members of staff are more than welcome to join. Do feel free to bring your colleagues along – registration is not required.

We look forward to welcoming you all at Campus Boekentoren next week!

The organizing committee,
Thomas Belligh
Mathijs Debaene
Elisa De Cristofaro
Aaricia Ponnet

P.S. the oscillogram in the background is the word ‘LinGhentian’ – sorry, a phonetics and phonology nerd wrote this post πŸ€“



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